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Who we are

GALE Polewear is a design brand based in Hong Kong focused on polewear, and we love what we do. It's who we are. As a two person team working side by side, we aspire to create clothing that looks, feels, and performs as good as possible. Our goal is to create work that reflects our values of honesty and hard work, to celebrate everything that pole dancing is, a sport, an art, and the beauty of seduction. That's why we named the brand GALE, to convey movement and energy that comes in dance. Whether you are dancing at your little studio or for a room full of spectators, we want to give you the clothing that gives you the sense of safety and confidence to enhance your artistic self expression to its greatest potential.


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--- THE TEAM --- 


Chris Chan - Founder and Creative Lead

Designer by day, pole dancer by night, Chris is the visionary behind GALE Polewear. A graduate of the prestigious Hong Kong Polytechnic University Institute of Textiles and Clothing, Chris has dreamed of having her own fashion brand ever since she was a little child. 

Austin Li - Founder and Operations

Austin is the in house fabric and functional elements expert. Hailing from years of experience in the swimwear and lingerie industry, he is well versed in the technical requirements of sports attire and challenges of form fitting clothing.




We strive to be different from other brands. We put our names and faces on the products we sell because we believe in our products enough to stake our reputations on them. Every product that we post on the website has gone through a meticulous process consisting of multiple design phases of improvement.

We inspect every process. From the initial prototype to completion, a product typically goes through at least 5 revisions in terms of its cut, fabric selection, and general design enhancements. Many products are often rejected or shelved for problems until we are able to overcome them at a later time.

Together, we believe that we possess a great breadth of skill and expertise that allows us to bring to you the most cutting edge designs with consideration to comfort, durability, and cost; things that we try our very hardest to pass on to you.

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