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November 5th Update: New Season

Posted on 06 November 2017

Dear Wholesalers,

It brings me great pleasure to introduce our 2017-2018 collection to you almost exactly 1 year since I launched the GALE brand with my business partner Chris.

There have been many ups and downs in this first year, and I got to say that without your support, this brand would not be where it is. As the Founder in charge of business operations, I hope I've lived up to the values of our brand, in its ruthless honesty, openness, and determination to stand unique to our style.

Before we get started, I'm going to highlight some of the major aspirations for the upcoming year, as well as some of the details regarding this year's launch.

1. Many wholesalers and customers have given feedback with regards to our designs that they are not mix and match friendly. This has been thoroughly addressed in our designs and stated in product descriptions. We also have some mix and matched outfits photographed and will be sharing those during the releases. For example:

Agile series item description
♥   Mix & Match with Active series

2. To build continued interest in the brand, as well as focus advertising efforts, the collection will be fully unveiled over a few months of time. Each week or so will feature new releases and I will send each of you an email detailing the products 1-2 days before release. Included in this email will be the media package for those products. We believe this strategy will make our website fun to browse for customers, and mimics strategy from successful retailers such as Zara and H&M. Advertisements for those particular products will also coincide with the product launches on both Instagram and Facebook. This will also give us ample time to carefully tailor our production goals to meet expected stock levels.

3. We've poured a tremendous amount of resource to make this collection possible. Instead of one photoshoot, we've done three, and we're still not finished. We're reaching out to production companies to professionally shoot video ads. Our factory size has more than doubled. Our fabrics are even better. We've bought new machines, trained new staff, to make custom pieces such as the one linked below affordable. We expect this year to be bigger, bolder, and as always, sexy as f**k. For these reasons, we hope you understand that we need to raise the wholesale rate from 40% to 35% this year for the first few months of the collection.  I promise I will try to return the rate to 40% as soon as accounting rationale allows. Please make your new collection purchases separate from the 2016-17 collection as Shopify only allows for one discount code to be used. The discount code is Wholesale2017. Accessories and the old collection are still at 40% and should use the discount code Wholesale.

4. One year ago, when GALE first launched, there were time periods that many major products were out of stock for a significant amount of time. Even in my dreams, I couldn't have forecast that in only a year's time that we've grown so much. That's why this year, our initial release stock batches are much larger than before. Some item batches are over 3000% larger than last year. But please do note, that while our factory is working overtime 24/7 without break, there is still a tremendous amount of items on the manufacturing schedule. So I advise all of you to stock up early, because the next batch may take well over 2 months to arrive.

5. Minimum purchases have been revised to 10 pieces. Free shipping has not changed, and is still at 20 pieces. Please contact after making your order for shipping payment details if your order is less than 20 pieces, or if you wish to upgrade to a premium shipping option.

If there are any concerns and questions, I'm always open for a chat. Please write to me:

Without further ado, I suggest all of you take a look at our new collections and shop your hearts out! Some of the themes we will be covering in the collection: Mix N Match Active series, Mix N Match Empress Velvet series, additions to the Unicorn series, a showstopping siren/mermaid series inspired by suspender designs, a cyberpunk series with suspender/bondage elements, a premium tier with pressed rhinestones to go with matching rhinestone socks, very risque bodysuits made of transparent meshing and corset elements, as well as a whole collection of bondage themed accessories adorned with jewels and jaw dropping embroideries.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all a very successful year.

Your resident CEO,
Austin Li
- Co-Founder of GALE

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