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Changes to our Wholesale Checkout Process

Posted on 02 August 2017

*** UPDATE *** AUGUST 2nd, 2017 *** UPDATE *** 


As of August 2nd, 2017, all the items shown in the wholesale portal are at retail price. Please use the code Wholesale and a 37% discount will be automatically applied to your whole order. This code MUST be used while logged-in otherwise it will not work. (The actual checkout price remains the same)


July Update:

After reaching out to our major wholesale partners, we are going to roll out changes to the wholesale method gradually over time that we believe will improve the wholesale shopping experience. The primary changes that affect your behavior as wholesalers are as follows:

1. The entire collection of swimwear is open to wholesalers. Use the discount code Wholesale during checkout and the prices will adjust to wholesale levels. Please note, this code will only work if you are logged into your wholesaler account.

2. You will notice that the swimwear collection is not in the wholesaler collection. This is because we are shifting to a new model that we believe should be friendlier to shop with. (Fixed and shown as of July 24th, 2017) The Pros and Cons of the new model versus the old model are laid out in the table:


Old Model New Model
1. Allows wholesalers to purchase beyond stock levels, essentially reserving stock. 

1. Does not allow wholesalers to purchase beyond stock levels. This means every purchase you make as a wholesaler should be in stock and will reduce order delays significantly.

2. Once an order is found to have purchased beyond stock levels, a significant amount of communication is required to adjust the order in terms of shipping, customs, and taxes. This puts a lot of stress on support staff, and increases wait time before our packages are sent out.

2. A no hassle inventory approach allows orders to be packed and readied within 1-2 business days, significantly saving time for wholesalers, and reducing stress on our support team.

3. Wholesalers are required to navigate a different part of the website to buy the same items as regular items. This duplication process gives space for human error, such as miscalculated prices, descriptions.

3. Wholesalers will access the same elements as regular customers. Only one version of products, descriptions, and website essentials needs to be checked for consistency, thereby reducing workload on our IT staff and improving information accuracy.

4. Wholesale prices are displayed on the item

4. Retail prices are displayed on the items. To calculate wholesale price take 37% off.


These features and changes will be rolled out over time. As of yet, there is no specific deadline to this. (Implemented as of August 2nd, 2017) If there are any questions, comments, or suggestions, my door is always open. Reach me at



Austin Li

- Co-Founder of GALE

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