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Washing experiments gone wrong

Posted on 09 November 2016

Some of you have recently asked us what happens if the clothing is not washed according to our care instructions. Although the official recommendation stands that our clothing should be hand-washed in cold water, we understand that some of you are too tired after a workout to do so. In that case, you're lucky that we conducted a little experiment at home so that you didn't have to. Watch below as we sacrifice our clothes to the wrath of the washing machine.

The start:

After a 45 minute wash and tumble at 30° degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit). Everything still looking fine. *** Recommended settings if you ever want to machine wash ***

Now for some torture settings. 2:30 minutes duration, 90° degrees Celsius (that's about 194 in Fahrenheit).

The green has now turned into a sludgy gray. Let's check the pink (same fabric type):

The pink has not survived either. Don't do it.

How about our famous hologram fabric? 

It's mostly intact, but the damage makes it look like it has been worn for years. Now how about our unicorn glittery fabrics?

What was a creamy vanilla white now has a yellowish brown. The glittery pink has also faded in its shine and now has a darker tone.

Conclusion? If you're really lazy and don't have the time to hand wash it, our recommended settings are to wash with cool water and on the shortest spin cycle possible.




Editors note (April 24th, 2017) Please note that our official care instruction has not changed. All our items must be hand washed. Machine washing our items will void our warranty. These instructions are given here as advice if and only if you absolutely must machine wash our products. 

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